I created this pastebin in 2006 and it’s been in continuous service ever since.

dpaste logo

Originally I made it for fellow early Django adopters in Freenode’s #django IRC channel.

It caught on. By Django 1.0, the framework’s debugging page had added a “Share this traceback” button using dpaste.com.

The iPython/Jupyter %pastebin command targets dpaste.com as well.

The fact that two widely used Python projects rely on dpaste.com means I take site reliability especially seriously. I have automated tests confirming the site API functions in the way those projects expect.

Features of note

  • User accounts (with proxy login via GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab, or Google)
  • Responsive layouts
  • 100% HTTPS
  • Uses private (unguessable, unpublished) URLs for all items
  • Analyzes code snippets before submission and suggests syntax setting
  • Versioned REST API for item creation

Technology Stack

  • Python 3
  • Django
  • MySQL
  • PythonAnywhere