I created this pastebin in 2006 and it’s been in continuous service ever since.

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Its REST API is used by Django framework’s built-in error page.

Originally I made it for fellow early Django adopters in Freenode’s #django IRC channel. By Django 1.0, the framework’s debugging page had added a “Share this traceback” button using dpaste.com. I take site reliability especially seriously because of this.

dpaste 2.0 launched in 2014 with session-based account features. Adopted Gunicorn application server, Nginx reverse proxy. Used Fabric for automation of development, deployment, and maintenance tasks.

dpaste 3.0 launched in 2020 with full user accounts, responsive layouts, 474 syntax choices, reliability improvements, and TLS.

Features of note

  • Analyzes code snippets in the background before submission and suggests syntax setting.
  • Uses “private” (unguessable) base-32 URLs for all items.
  • Versioned REST API for item creation.
  • User account creation via GitLab, Bitbucket, GitHub, Google.

Technology Stack: Django, MySQL, PythonAnywhere