Bissex, boot and shoemaker

Things that are too old for my resume or portfolio, but still part of my story.



Web Review

Web projects


  • (retired circa 2014)— An anti-scam resource site, featuring a searchable database of 10,000+ scam email messages.
  • (retired circa 2007) — A collection of single-purpose utilities with innovative features: Google AdSense preview; bookmarkable, multi-vendor package tracking; link-shortening with anti-spoofing features; mapping via public domain imagery.
  • Ersatz Info-Rama — One of the first websites I created. Amazingly, still online at the same address after 25 years (of course, most of the stuff it links to is gone).

TRS-80 arcade-style games

I wrote these in the early-mid '80s and sold them by mail. Thanks to Javascript emulation you can play them in your browser!