Cox Media Group publishing platform

Management at Cox Media Group Digital hired me as one of the the first remote engineers on this large team.

CMG markets

We developed and maintained “Medley”, a web/mobile publishing platform for all of CMG’s newspaper, radio, and TV properties. The system served tens of millions of pages per day for about 100 sites.

The codebase was approximately 250,000 lines of Python; I worked on nearly all areas of the application.

I maintained our ad system’s integration with Google DFP, forking the upstream library for compatibility with the Python version we ran in production.

I spent several full-time weeks in the CMG “Software Innovations Lab” (like Google “20% time” or Apple “Blue Sky”) developing a versioning feature for the CMS.

I was active in hiring as our team quickly grew. I conducted many panel interviews and assessed code challenge submissions. I mentored and trained new developers.

Technology Stack: Django, PostgreSQL, Solr, Jenkins, Akamai