High-traffic web publishing platform

The web/mobile publishing platform we built at Cox Media Group served tens of millions of pages per day and was a growing source of revenue for this $1.5B national media company.

I was one of the first remote engineers to join the team. I spent one week a year in Atlanta working on-site.

The Medley platform was used by all of CMG’s newspaper, radio, and TV properties — about 100 high-traffic, business-critical sites.

It was built on Ellington CMS, the pre-eminent Django-based system for news media. Medley was approximately 250,000 lines of Python; I worked on nearly all areas of the application.


I maintained our ad system’s integration with Google DFP, forking the upstream library for compatibility with the Python version we ran in production.

I was selected to spend several full-time weeks in the CMG Software Innovations Lab program developing a versioning feature for the CMS.

As our team quickly grew, I was active in hiring. I conducted panel interviews and assessed code challenge submissions. I mentored and trained new developers.

(Footnote: I was born and raised in New England, but this job added the word “y’all” — a very useful form of address that standard English lacks — to my active vocabulary.)

Technology Stack

  • Django
  • Postgres
  • Solr
  • Jenkins
  • Akamai

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