Medley web publishing platform

The web publishing platform we built at Cox Media Group served tens of millions of pages per day and was a growing source of revenue for this successful media company.

I was one of the first remote engineers brought on to this project. I spent one week a year in Atlanta on-site with the team.

“Medley” was a web/mobile publishing platform used by all of CMG’s newspaper, radio, and TV properties. The system served tens of millions of pages per day for about 100 sites.

The system was built on Ellington CMS, the pre-eminent Django-based system for news media. Medley was approximately 250,000 lines of Python; I worked on nearly all areas of the application.


I maintained our ad system’s integration with Google DFP, forking the upstream library for compatibility with the Python version we ran in production.

I was selected to spend several full-time weeks in the CMG Software Innovations Lab (like Google “20% Time” or Apple “Blue Sky”) developing a versioning feature for the CMS.

I was active in hiring as our team quickly grew. I conducted many panel interviews and assessed code challenge submissions. I mentored and trained new developers.

(I was born and raised in New England, but this job addded the word “y’all” — a very useful form of address that standard English lacks — to my active vocabulary.)

Technology Stack

  • Django
  • PostgreSQL
  • Solr
  • Jenkins
  • Akamai (Internet Archive 2016)